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A multimedia agency connecting businesses to their community

Who we are

IceNet Media is a multi-media company providing advertisers with a large network of digital displays to advertise and promote throughout the City of Ottawa.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide local companies in Ottawa and surrounding areas, the opportunity to advertise and promote their brand and products in City facilities.

What we do

We have 75 digital displays in 25 City of Ottawa facilities that host 13 million annual visitors. With 750,000 ad impressions a year, your business will be seen across the city.

We love our clients

We want Ottawa businesses to be at the heart of the community and to be seen by patrons visiting these City facilities. Local matters to us.


21 digital screens 46” high definition digital displays located in 14 City of Ottawa facilities.

Digital Screen


4 Digital Screens with multi displays composed of 2 x 46” screens side by side located in 3 City of Ottawa facilities.

Digital Multi


8 video walls with various configurations located in 6 City of Ottawa facilities.

Video Walls


Patrons will have access to all advertisements seen on the digital displays by logging into our on-line portal.

Web Portal


Our numbers

25 City of Ottawa Facilities
13 Million Annual Visitors
34 Digital Displays
221,952 Ad Impressions per day


Follow these steps and choose the right package for you

Create Your Advertisements

Commercials, Motion Graphics, Interactive Ads & QR Codes, Static Ads & Promotions

Choose Your Package

Choose a package to advertise your business from a starter pack to a premium pack

Choose Your Facilities

Advertise throughout the City of Ottawa in the facilities of your choice

See Your Advertisements

Potential customers will now be able to view your ads in your selected facilities

Choose Your Package



Single Site
  • Choose one site
  • that includes
  • 1 of the following
  • A Digital screen
  • A Video wall
  • Get 2 web ads/month



  • Choose Your Region
  • East Ottawa locations
  • Central Ottawa locations
  • South Ottawa locations
  • West Ottawa locations
  • Get 3 web ads/month



All Sites
  • Access to all screens
  • in our network
  • 25 Digital Screens
  • 9 Video Walls
  • Across Ottawa
  • Get 5 web ads/month



  • Customizable package
  • Choose your region
  • Choose your sites
  • Advertise an event
  • Advertise a campaign
  • Flexible web ads/month

Choose Your Facility


  • "The project will aim to create an engaging experience for shoppers, business owners, visitors and residents.”

    Randy Kemp - Chair of Wellington West BIA

  • "This makes our recreation facilities more functional for families and provides a higher level of customer service to all users of our facilities.”

    Councillor Mark Taylor, Chair of Community and Protective Services Committee

  • “This Community Champions partnership gives residents a service they need, at no cost to the City, and generates $63,000 in revenue per year. It is truly a win-win deal.”

    Mayor Jim Watson - City of Ottawa

Contact us

To advertise with us or to get digital displays in your location

 320 March Rd. Ottawa, ON